replacing bbcode with markdown by misterhaan

letting visitors enter text on a website for display on that website means it’s going to be interpreted as html. something should be done with what gets entered to make sure it becomes html in a way that makes sense to visitors and also doesn’t leave the site open to everything html can do. for track7 going forward, that’s markdown.

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comment on by UgottaBjokin

The BLOO MEANEIE OF SCREEN DEATH SAYz "Its all good tho, keep up the good work haan!"
_and_from the original chatRoom of Clubchatasia WE all just say Arf Arf Arf Buck,_2YOOjay.

comment on beewear! by Sue_Mie

The Last Time they told me to GO TO HELL I thought "Ah CRAP!!! Satan"s still got that old AVO out against me hasn't he??? Five and one half more possible Stars MisterhAAnB

facebook imposters by misterhaan

i’ve seen a few cases of imposter accounts on facebook that have been affecting my friends and family. here’s some details about how that happens and what you should do about it.

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barbed wire by misterhaan

geek banner by misterhaan

protected pain by misterhaan

celtic knot border by misterhaan

track7 logo by misterhaan