comment on road lion by peterlol

It must have been so awesome to see all that African wildlife in the wild. I am totally jealous.

comment on baby zebra by peterlol


comment on pink lizard by peterlol

Someone went a bit crazy with their lipstick :P

comment on lion in a tree by peterlol

I wonder how the fire department is going to get this kitty out of the tree...

comment on secretary birds by peterlol

Ha! I have never seen this bird before. They are so funny looking, cool haircut and everything :D

track7 update by misterhaan

updated the legos to the new layout

comment on celtic knot border by Sue_Mie

How's about a Tatt like that home-brewed 'Scuzzy Little Punk Fellah' wot's copped one hard from a hard right hander and yet is still goin' on with it? mATE? Old Art is still GOOD artB

comment on protected pain by Sue_Mie

There are only TWO (three)sorts of people in this world I reckon Mate. Those who can count AND have tattoos and those who Do Not. So Sue Me yer Inglorious Basterds.

smart thermostats: nest vs. ecobee by misterhaan

i moved to a new house about a year ago and decided to leave my nest thermostat behind hoping it would help sell the house. it had served us well for a few years and while i was satisfied i also expected other smart thermostats to be available by now, so i did some research. i ended up going with ecobee and it’s been a better fit for me and my house.

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